What Does An Auto Glass Repair Technician Need to Know?

Whether you have been in an accident with another vehicle, suffered a bout of inclement weather, or had a rogue object collide with your windshield, there are plenty of reasons why you may need to enlist the services of an auto glass professional at one point or another. The road is not nearly as safe as we often like to think; more than anything, what keeps us safe are the hundreds of regulations and safety considerations made by auto manufacturers and other entities. In nearly any case, your auto glass is designed to provide protection against the worst of circumstances but may become compromised in the process.

If your windshield or auto glass has sustained damage, then it is vital that you have the necessary repairs or replacement performed as soon as possible. Not only can damage to your auto glass result in the elements encroaching upon your car’s interior, but the weakening of this glass can create circumstances in which your vehicle may be more likely to collapse in the event of a wreck or roll-over. Before you have your auto glass replaced or repaired, however, you will want to determine what information needs to be on-hand for an auto glass company or technician to assess and perform the repairs. Below, we’ll outline the main points you need to be familiar with and help you prepare for this process.

General Vehicle Specs

The first thing that any auto glass technician will need to know is the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Almost every vehicle has a different shape and style of auto glass, so any replacement jobs will require verifying first that the appropriate glass is in stock. If it is not, then it will need to be ordered. For repairs, various tools may be needed for special types of glass, such as side glass. When the technician knows the year, make and model, it makes it much easier to determine whether or not the job can be done in a timely fashion.

Other Auto Glass Features

For windshields (both front and rear), you may have several features that do not come standard on every piece of auto glass. Because of this, it is important to know which (if any) added features will need to be on your replacement windshield or any obstacles that might get in the way of a repair job. The shade band is a common feature, which helps provide additional UV protection to drivers and passengers; it usually appears as a darker shade of tint alongside the upper section of the windshield. Even if your current windshield does not have this, most new windshields do have shade bands.

Rain sensors are a newer and less common feature that may be built into your windshield. As it sounds, rain sensors detect when the rain begins to come into contact with the windshield and will automatically activate the windshield wipers. They may adjust the speed of the windshield wipers based on the intensity of the rain and will require a bit more planning for the replacement process. Some people are not sure as to whether their windshield has this feature; you can spray water onto the windshield to test whether or not the wipers activate upon application.

Auto-dimming mirrors are another modern feature that may have to be taken into consideration when auto glass is replaced. We report that you can determine if you have one of these mirrors by looking at the bottom of your current version. If there is a switch or button present, then you do not have an auto-dimming mirror. Those who do not have this type of mirror will enjoy a quicker auto glass installation process.

Insurance Details

With most auto insurance plans, repaired will be covered and result in no out of pocket costs. With replacement jobs, however, you may have to utilize your insurance deductible in order to be covered in part. Your auto glass technician can verify this information, but you will need to provide your policy details via telephone or in-person. The name of your insurance provider, your policy details and specifics about when the damage occurred (for the claims process) will help save you time and ensure efficient repairs are performed.

Scheduling Concerns

Last but not least, you will want to be able to tell the auto glass technician the most convenient times when service can be rendered. Many auto glass companies offer services around the clock, so you can often work out details that will best fit with your daily life. If you are having repairs performed from work or on the side of the road, then an exact time may not be possible to schedule; often, a time range is provided as to when the technician will arrive. In most situations, however, repairs can be performed quickly and can be done from most locations.


Any auto glass technician knows how to repair and replace auto glass, but some details you should have on-hand can make the initial process move a bit quicker. You want to know the make and model of your vehicle, any special features that the windshield possesses, your insurance details, and any scheduling issues that may put you off-limits during certain hours. With this information in hand, your repairs can often be performed the same day. Do not let a small crack or chip turn into a big problem, and be sure to take advantage of mobile repairs if your auto glass is too compromised for safe driving.