Factors Buyers Should Know That Drive Up a Home’s Price

Sometimes, when searching for a house for sale, you get shocked as a buyer after looking at the high price tag of a particular property. It is very much possible that the cost mentioned is a reasonable one, but that depends on a lot of factors, and only a reliable, professional real estate expert can give you an exact answer. To understand what factors drive up the value of a home, read the points mentioned below :

Usable space

This is one of the most important factors when looking at a house. Good use of colors to paint the walls, utilizing every square foot responsibly and well though-out placement of furniture or appliances, can increase the visual space of a property that gives everyone a feeling of more open space, thus moving the price up.

Local Market

The price of a home is also dependent on the situation in the local real estate market. If there are too many houses for sale available in the local listings and they have been there for a while, prices are expected to be on the lower side. Otherwise, if demand is high, houses are not readily available, and sell out quickly, assume a soared up cost on the house.

Age & Condition

If a house was built Fifty years ago formerly and since then it has undergone Five major renovations, its price will for sure be much less than another house that was constructed only a few years ago. Similarly, the price tag on a home also depends on the condition and overall look of the house and its interior features. Make sure to get your home inspection before you purchase your home.


The average standard of living and prices of nearby properties play a significant role in shaping up the cost of homes for sale. Foreclosed homes nearby reduce the average rate of a property. Similarly, a home that is in the vicinity of a power plant, manufacturing industry, or landfill can drag the value of a property down. On the other hand, if a celebrity is living nearby or some famous landmark is present that attracts tourists, the price should be higher than usual.


Actual coordinates of a property matter a lot when determining the price of a home. The presence of facilities such as quality schools, diverse employment opportunities, shopping areas, and parks definitely uplift the value of a home. The fact that interstate highways, public transport, and libraries, are at a walking distance, also significantly adds to the price tag on the property.

Economic Indicators

It is imperative to keep an eye on the interest rates in the real estate market because if they are low, it creates demand and thus lifts the price of houses up. Another major aspect is the economy’s status, which is determined by indicators such as GDP, manufacturing activity, the prices of goods, etc. In simple words, if the economy is sluggish, so will the real estate, thus lowering prices.

Being vigilant about these factors that can influence the home value can help you as a buyer to avoid common home-buying mistakes and make a better decision saving your time, energy, and money. Always carefully evaluate all key determinants and take advice from a professional before moving ahead.