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Nogizaka Haruka no Himtisu Ep. 5-6 Release Notes

Nogizaka Haruka Episode 5 and 6 Release notes

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Episode 5 - If You Look at Me That Way...

Summer Comiket catalog (0:01) As you guys probably remember from episode 3, that was the NatsuComi (Summer Comiket) catalog, though the real one for this year was posted in one of the previous release note articles.

Nanatsuiro Drops (24:36) - some of you probably remember this series which we had subbed last year during the summer season. Of interest to note is that Nogizaka Haruka and Nanatsuiro Drops were both produced by Studio Barcelona, Geneon, and MediaWorks. In addition, the voice of Mika Nogizaka, Mai Goto, voiced Yuki-chan in Nanatsuiro Drops as well.

Episode 6 - It's... NatsuComi

Cat Bus Stop (9:14) - note that that mangaka of Cat Bus Stop actually also draws the Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu novel as well. The ultimate irony is that this is an adult doujinshi that Haruka wants to purchase.


Famous figure (11:43) - the mysterious gentleman that Nanami is disguised as is actually Taro Aso who was recently elected as prime minister of Japan and has been said to be a big anime/manga fan.

More info:

Shana references everywhere (13:06, 16:07) - the doujinshi that Haruka and Yuuto find after getting the Cat Bus Stop circle's new work features Shana. In fact she is also on one of the posters in the background at the Rondo Robe booth. And once again, you can here the OP song from that series called Hishoku no Sora.

Inukami (15:17) - another series nod, featuring the main male lead Keita Kawahira in a doujinshi.

Cosplayers everywhere (17:05) - which the various characters that people cosplay in the crowd outside, you may spot a few familiar characters such as Zack from the Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core games.

Dokuro-chan with a chainsaw? (18:57) - Hazuki helps out Haruka and Yuuto dressed up as the cute, but violent angel Dokuro-chan from the MediaWorks produced OVA series Beating Angel Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan for the US release). Hazuki-san is of course reciting Dokuro-chan's signature phrase which she uses to bring the boy, Sakura, back to life in the series who she frequently kills in a very violent and bloody manner. Again, this is drawn by the same mangaka who does Nogizaka Haruka. If I recall correctly, there are two OVA series, which have both been licensed for the US and will be released by Media Blasters.

More Shana character cosplay (19:10) - stepping in with the assist for Hazuki-san are Nanami as Wilhelmina and Mika as Hecate from Shakugan no Shana, with the finishing pose that you've probably seen on the cover for the DVD release, though of course Mika as Hecate as the only correct character in the pose.

Thanks goes to Gamefish for providing the pics from his recent trip to Japan and to conman as well for their help on this article.

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