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Katsucon 2006 Report

Katsucon 2006 report

Katsucon Report

Day 1
This year, since Katsucon was being held in the Adams-Morgan district of Washington D.C., I went via Metro Red Line.  Arrived at around 11:30 am, just a little bit before the doors opened to the Merchants’ Room, and actuallyran into a friend of mine as I was just coming out of the Metro station.

Immediately got in line to enter the Merchant’s Room, tucked away in a little corner of the hotel where the parking garage was actually.  Apparently, this little area is considered the Exhibition Hall and also the underground parking lot.

At least 5-6 rows of merchants, and spent about 3 to 3 1/2 hours in there, spending way too much money.  Went to go get lunch before the panel we wanted to attend at 4:00.  Among the masses of cosplayers in the lobby, one that my caught my attention was a girl dressed up as Asa Shigure from Shuffle.  I was surprised to actually see someone cosplay a character from that series, since Shuffle had recently finished in Japan. 

Mike McFarland’s panel was pretty laid back with general questions from the audience, and a special treat for us.  Full Metal Alchemist episodes 46 and 47, which we got to see before the broadcast on Adult Swim.  This was a check disc, meaning that editing wasn’t complete since the original Japanese episode was still on it, timecodes were still present, etc., but all of the English dialogue was there.  So it was nice that we got to go 2 episodes ahead of the Adult Swim broadcast.

Next up was the Funimation Premieres panel.  A few trailers were shown for their upcoming series such as Trinity Blood, Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn movie, Negima, Basilisk, Speed Grapher, Tsukiyomi Moon Phase, and Desert Punk.

First premiere up was the one I was the most excited about, that being Negima with the  English dub.  I definitely wasn’t disappointed as it was enjoyable to watch this series from the beginning once again and to get a sample of what each of the girls in the series would sound like.  I was very impressed in that the actors chosen for each of the characters really fit for their characters, and it was interesting to hear Greg Ayres taking on the role of Negi Springfield with an approach I wouldn’t have guessed, but it works well, given the description of the character.  During the episode, as a dub fan myself, I tried to pick out some of the familiar voices of some of my VAs.  Overall, I was really glad that I got to see this.

Next premieres were Trinity Blood, Basilisk, and Desert Punk.  A nice sampling of what we can expect from Funimation this year in both theatres and on their DVD releases.  In case you didn’t know, Funimation will be bringing anime showings to theatres over the course of this year.  This will be an interesting idea to see brought into action.  The ability to watch anime series on the big screen could prove to be beneficial in promoting anime to more of the masses, as well as giving fans the experience of watching their anime in a different way.

After the panel, I met up with more friends from the forums and went out to dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant.  Decided to hang out in the lobby and talk for awhile, going over our purchases from the merchants’ room for that day. Decided to go take more cosplay pictures before hitting the game room.  Game room was set up in two ballrooms, with the first room having a lot of stand up arcade games and the second 4 long rows of PS2 and Gamecube gaming stations and at the front and center, two large projection screens with numerous onlookers watching people play DDR and Guitar Heroes.

Stopped in at the dance to say hi to a few people.  Called it a night around 2:30 am and headed back via Metro.

Day 2

Arrived around 12 noon and decided to hit the merchants’ room again for a little bit before Funimation’s industry panel at 2 pm.

Funimation panel started with a trailers disc highlighting Funimation Films and what to expect in the coming months to theatres in major markets.  Trailers for upcoming shows included Tsukiyomi Moon Phase, Speed Grapher, Negima, Basilisk, Trinity Blood, and Mr Stain on Junk Alley.  Also got a first look at the Fruits Basket TCG now available from Score Entertainment.

And now the moment we were waiting for: the new licensing announcement.  When I first saw the title on the menu of the DVD, I thought to myself what “Rumbling Hearts” was.  As soon as the trailer played, I immediately recognized it as Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.  It was definitely a surprise to me, and I was glad that such a great drama series was picked up for the US.

More good news followed.  With several of Funimation’s new series, a new release schedule to look forward to.  Instead of waiting 7-8 weeks for the next volume of a series, they would be every 4 weeks instead.  So that means you could have the entire series in 6 months or less of say Negima, Tsukuyomi, and especially Rumbling Hearts which will start in Oct. will finish release in Dec. of this year.

After the panel, logged on to a computer to report the licensing news to our sites and to post some of the info from the panel on  Went to go get lunch with some friends before sitting down for the ADR Directors panel.

Sat in on the ADR Directors panel and got to hear some interesting info on the production process behind different shows that they’ve worked on.  One of the directors included Mike McFarland of Funimation Productions, Mike Sinterniklass, and Tom Wayland who have worked for Media Blasters and Central Park Media.

After that it was the Fansubbing and Downloading discussion panel led by Greg Ayres.  The entire room was filled and the one hour time slot was very interesting as a lot of different opinions and facts surfaced from the audience and Greg himself.

Took a break after the panel to go home and rest for a little bit.  Came back a few hours later and decided to hit the video game and video viewing rooms.  On my way out the door, ran into Greg Ayres and Mike McFarland and had a chance to talk with them for a little bit.

Called it a night around 2 am and headed home


Day 3

Arrived around 11 am and went back to the merchants’ room one last time.  Went over to the autograph session area that had just finished and hung out with the guests for awhile.  Met up with my friends at the time and went out for lunch before each of us heading home.

Spent way too much money in the merchants’ room.  Picked up some pencilboards, two AIR posters, a Negima poster, Canvas 2 and Fate Stay Night figurine sets, a Shuffle cloth poster, an Asa Shigure character collectors’ box, some Megami magazines, Futakoi Alternative and To Heart 2 posters, a Misuzu Kamio figure, the Ever 17 Out of Inifinity PC game, and some other assorted Negima, Kanon, AIR, and Shuffle merchandise.

Also scored a free Vol. 1 of Burst Angel from the Funimation panel.

Overall, this convention was fun to attend.  Even though venue had changed for this year, it still worked out pretty well.  Only complaint I have is that they really need to do something about the bag policy, especially for those who come to the con via Metro.  So, this wraps up my 5th anime convention that I’ve attended.  Next convention for me will be Shiokazecon in Houston coming up in April.

For larger versions and more convention pics, check the con report post in the forums.


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